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Your company’s visual identity says a lot about your business – it is also often the first impression that clients will get of your company. Not only does it convey the overall image of your company, but also your business values and services which you deliver to your customers.

A strong visual identity can make your business stand out from the crowd, especially in today’s competitive marketplace.

Whether you are looking to update your existing corporate identity or create an entirely new one I can work closely with you to create and implement the right identity for your business.

Letterpress print blocks

Even in today’s digital age, your printed literature will often be the first impression a potential customer gets of your company – whether it’s a business card handed over at a networking event, a brochure given out at an exhibition or a leaflet which pops through someone’s letterbox.

With this in mind, it’s important to make sure any printed material:
1.       Is professionally designed and clearly displays your brand and message
2.       Looks good – is printed properly and on good stock (card/paper/other material)
3.       Stands up to being handled – there’s nothing worse than curled edges!

Sometimes the hardest problem is knowing where to start – the list below is much briefer than I could have made it! Sometime it’s best not to start the design process with a fixed mindset of what you need: “I WANT A BROCHURE!”

Instead, we can ask the question: “What do you need to achieve?”. Ask yourself these questions:-
•         What information do I need to get across?
•         Who will be reading it? What are their problems? How am I helping them?
•         Where and how will I be distributing the printed material?
•         What’s the lifespan? Do I need people to read it once, or many times?
•         What’s my budget? Is the focus on saving money or making the greatest impression possible?

These (and I will help you through them!) will help you decide which of the many options are best for your business:-
•         Annual Reports
•         Books
•         Brochures
•         Business Cards
•         Calendars
•         Catalogues
•         Folders
•         Leaflets
•         Newsletters
•         Postcards
•         Programme
•         Stationery
•         . . . and more!

I have either the skills and the contacts to help you every step of the way, from design, copywriting, photography, illustration, translation, right through to the all-important printing.

Advertising has two main purposes – in the short-term to generate leads and sales, and in the long-term to build respect and knowledge of your brand. How often, in other words, have you ended up buying something just because you recognised the company – from their advertising? It might be a big national chain, or the fact you remember seeing the local tradesman who’s been advertising in your parish magazine for years.

Advertising, in other words, builds trust as well as sales – if it’s done right. I’ve been designing and creating adverts for years to help you make a really strong first impression on your potential customers.

Whether it’s to advertise your business or a specific product or service, I can help you make sure you get noticed – and get a response.

Exhibitions are the ultimate first impression marketing – a constant stream of people who may never have heard of you, walking past your stand – probably deep in conversation, or rifling through the bag of free goodies they’ve been picking up.

Two questions: how do you get their attention? And how do you make them stop and talk to you?

The answer is to start at the very first place you can: what your stand looks like. Attention-grabbing, exciting, interesting displays ensure you get maximum footfall.

Budget is almost always an issue – exhibitions can be expensive to attend even before you start creating fancy displays, and I can help you to get the most for your money, right from the initial design through to the printing and installation.

Examples of features you could include are:-

•         Simple display boards
•         Roller banners
•         Popup stands
•         Portable display systems
•         Design and build of bespoke exhibition stand
•         Interpretive and waymarking signage

As well as trade exhibitions I can also help you to design and build visitor centre/museum interpretive panels.

Every day the Internet becomes a more valuable and cost-effective marketing tool, opening your business up to an even wider market than ever before. I can help you create an entirely new website, or even re-design your existing one, ensuring that your company has a high-quality corporate brochure or e-commerce site, designed to suit your, and your clients specific requirements. As well as the more traditional static websites, I also offer Content Management Systems and WordPress sites, which enable you to edit and update your own website, in your own workplace.

In addition I can also help you to with domain registration, hosting, advice on e-marketing and search engine optimisation to help you reinforce your online presence and ensure you maximise your sites’ potential.

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