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Kay Beaton


Having worked in the design and creative industry for over 30 years (gosh, that makes me sound old!), I have worked with particular strengths in branding and logo design, design and print, advertising, exhibition design and web design. Since launching Purple Creative Design in 2007, I have put my extensive design expertise to good use working with a diverse range of clients from public and private sector groups, oil and gas sector, through to local businesses and individuals, bringing my wealth of experience to the benefit of clients.

Why Purple Creative Design is different . . .

Purple Creative Design has a close working relationship with many specialist suppliers, including copywriters, photographers, illustrators, translators, domain registration and hosting, web developers and search engine optimisation (SEO), as well as print suppliers and production companies. This collaboration allows us to manage all or part of a project, from the initial concept stage through to completion, and ensures the most effective solutions are found for your design project.

. . . and here’s some other “useful” information!

December 2014

I was featured in the FSB Small Business Focus editorial in the Press & Journal.

Click here to read the feature.

November 2012

I became a published author! When I’m not working on graphic and web design projects I have a keen interest in old photos and local history, this led me to research and write “Old Gardenstown with Crovie and Pennan”, a local history photo book:

Old Gardenstown with Crovie and Pennan
These three picturesque fishing villages in Gamrie Bay have a long and at times quite lively history. In 1004 the Gardenstown Church of St John the Evangelist was built to celebrate a great victory against a force of invading Danes and the skulls of the three Danish warlords were duly ensconced in alcoves in the church wall. In more recent times, Pennan sprang to fame as the site of the fictional village of Ferness in the film Local Hero made in 1983. Today many of the fishermen’s cottages have been transformed into charming holiday homes. This collection, in addition to the picturesque photos of the fishing boats and harbours from which these communities made their livings, also contains fascinating social scenes from the 19th and early 20th centuries of the communities at work and play.

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